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It all started with homemade clothes for my daughter, which turned out to bring a feeling of accomplishment by making small items like head bands, buffs and the occasional dress. Head bands and buffs take approximately an hour to make, whereas a dress can take several evenings.

I sew on a regular sewing machine for now and dream of aquiring an overlock machine eventually.


Developed in collaboration with actual saxophone players.

A home made stuff-holder, inspired by the saxophone players' endless supply of whatnots which they can't fit on their music stand and that constantly tumbles around breaking the magic of the concert.

Put in on the chair, sit on it and keep everything within reach - both during rehearsals and concerts.

It has received great feedback from the early buyers, and several suggested to make a wider pocket to fit the cellphones of those of us who put credit cards and whatnots in there. I listened and the Saxystæsj now has one side with equally large pockets, whereas the other side has a wide and a thin pocket - perfect for cellphone and pencils!

Price: 450,- kr (NOK)

Postage will be added to the price.

Measurements: 15 cm * 100 cm.

4 pockets.

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Saxystæsj 1
Saxystæsj 1
Side with equally wide pockets
Saxystæsj 2
Saxystæsj 2
Hanging nicely on both sides of the chair.
Saxystæsj 3
Saxystæsj 3
Fits almost any chair!
Saxystæsj 4
Saxystæsj 4
Locally bought fabrics give great quality!
Saxystæsj 5
Saxystæsj 5
The wide and thin pocket - perfect for cellphones and pencils.
Head band and buff
Head band and buff
Examples of head band and buff.
Rainbow buff
Rainbow buff
Carefully sewn to match the stripes. This fabric is unfortunately sold out (per January 15, 2020).
30 buffs
30 buffs
30 buffs made for one customer.
Fleece inside?
Fleece inside?
To examples of the fleece I have available for using on the inside of the buffs.
Swirly fleece and flowery jersey
Swirly fleece and flowery jersey
Colour matching: Swirley fleece on the inside, flowery jersey on the outside.
Magical map and brown, squared fleece
Magical map and brown, squared fleece
Colour matching: Magical map jersey and brown, squared fleece.
Fabrics per Januar 15. 2020
Fabrics per Januar 15. 2020
These are the available jersey fabrics per January 15, 2020.

Head bands and buffs

Perfect as gifts for kids!

Choose a fabric from Lena's commode (see image 7) or bring your own, and she'll make them with whichever you prefer. Choose whether you'd like a ribbon for nametags or not. The ribbon detail of the head band is also optional.


Buff: 150,- NOK

Head band: 100,- NOK

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Patterns are from
Meretes atelier.

Beautiful dresses

Dresses in different patterns, made with cotton knit / jersey.

Bring your own fabric or choose from Lena's commode!

Lena produces dresses from these pattern creators:

Price is estimated from time spent, pattern of origin and materials used.

Arias bow back - colours
Arias bow back
Fairy Princess Child

Superb neck pillow

Perfect as a gift for teenagers and adults.

Choose fabrics from Lena's box or bring your own, and she will make one with whichever you prefer. Choose whether to include the ribbon handles or not. Sewn in non-stretch fabric.

Price: 100,- NOK per pillow + materials.

Pattern is from

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Here's Lena, summer of 2020:

Lenasten is purchasing lots of new fabrics to offer more colours when sewing items for you! 

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