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Welcome to my website! This is where you can find out more about me and which services I can offer.

I play and teach trumpet, sew various items and clothes as well as translate between Norwegian and English. A versatile woman, if I may say so myself!

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All the best,

Lena S. Sten

Telephone: +47 41209826

E-mail: kontakt@lenasten.no

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A home made stuff-holder, inspired by the saxophone players' endless supply of whatnots which they can't fit on their music stand and that constantly tumbles around breaking the magic of the concert.

Put in on the chair, sit on it and keep everything within reach - both during rehearsals and concerts.

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I am available as instructor and conductor for the youngest musicians in the school wind orchestra.

Nowadays I'm looking for projects within an hour drive of Levanger, Trøndelag.

Additionally, I'm available as a subsitute teacher for grades 1-10 in local schools.

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19th June 2020:

Small updates to the website

28th January 2020:

Saxystæsj is now a trademark


Here's Lena, summer of 2020:

Lenasten is purchasing lots of new fabrics to offer more colours when sewing items for you! 

August 10-12: