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Lena has worked as a teacher in a total of 5 years. She started in a temporary position right after graduating her teacher's education in 2009 and worked in different primary, elementary and upper elementary schools until she started her bachelor's degree in 2011. After her bachelor in music, she had several temporary positions in varying lengths within the commune of Levanger and Steinkjer.

As Lena currently is taking her master's degree at Nord University, she's looking for short term temporary positions that can increase her economy while allowing room for her studies - be it temporary positions as a teacher, assistant, music school teacher, substitute conductor or similar jobs.



I am a clear leader in the classroom, good at presenting knowledge and present different types of examples. No pupils learn in the same manner, so I try to embrace as many different explanations as I can. I want the pupils to be safe around me and feel they are allowed trial and errors.

Assessment for the sake of learning is important for me.



I strive to be a resource among my coworkers, and contribute to a great working environment. I'm reliable, responsible, thoughtful and work with creating a good atmosphere at the work place.

Additionally, I consider myself quite the computer literate and will gladly help coworkes with issues small and medium in the technical department.

I think sharing is caring, where I believe good teaching resources should be shared with my coworkers - whether I make them on my own or find them online.

Example of a teaching resource I have made:

The pupils are introduced to the contents of the film within three weeks. Made for 5th grade (10-11 year olds), easy to adapt.


Contact me for a nice chat and we will agree upon a price.

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